Transforming data into insights

We provide ready to use dashboards with data that is already analyzed and prepared to use

Unlocking Insights into Target Audiences for
National Security Strategies

Aimap leverages data from major social networks to uncover valuable insights into the characteristics, preferences, and actions of target audiences.
This information is presented in a clear and straightforward format of a report, empowering security organizations to make informed decisions regarding their national security strategies.

By using social media data, our software offers a comprehensive view of target audiences, enabling security organizations to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
With aimap, we scrape data and provide you with ready dashboards,
where you will see:
  • Followers
    Uncover insights by analyzing follower data, including usernames and profiles.
  • Likers
    Understand engagement patterns with access to usernames of those who liked specific posts.
  • Commenters
    Dive deeper into conversations with usernames and comment text.
  • Hashtag search results
    Harness the potential of hashtags by scraping posts that match your criteria.

Case study: How Aimap helps to counter support for extremist ideologies

In the realm of national security, proactively addressing the support for extremist ideologies is of paramount importance to prevent potential threats.
Imagine a scenario where residents within your country are exposed to the ideologies of an international terrorist organization. Aimap plays a crucial role in identifying key supporters among the local population, precisely pinpointing individuals within your region who may be exposed to extremist ideas. Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive view of the scale of the issue, highlighting the most prominent threats and enabling effective intervention.
We provide you with data that is already prepared that has all the necessary information about your country. You will see how many people support terrorist organizations, their level of exposure, and all the threats that you are facing right now and will face in the future.
  • Understand Audience Interests:
    Gain a deep understanding of who is genuinely interested in your topics and what they are engaging with.
  • Identify Risk Groups:
    Pinpoint specific user segments that could pose a potential risk or opportunity for your product or initiative.
  • Assess Problem Magnitude:
    Evaluate the scale and significance of the issues or themes you are tracking within the larger context of society.
  • Unearth Hidden Connections:
    Discover hidden and non-obvious relationships between users, topics, and hashtags that could hold the key to strategic decisions.
  • Navigate Influencer Platforms:
    Determine the most effective social platforms and avenues through which you can exert influence and drive your message.
  • Enhance Decision-Making:
    Empower your decision-making processes with data-driven insights, enabling you to make informed choices and shape your strategies effectively.

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